About chiru no monogatari

In my dictionary, chiru means a lost deer. I love getting lost, I love being lost.

I love what’s behind every corner I have turned; every path I have chosen, every risk I have taken, every adventure I have embarked on. And of course, many mistakes I hate.

Sometimes, there are no surprises or thrills.

It may be just another day, another girl.

A stranger. A strange girl.

I trip and fall, stumble on something; get up and keep walking.

I have fallen hard. And some hard lessons being learnt, harshly yet quietly.

So there’re bliss and regrets. What’s life without regrets … just shrug them off and keep walking.

So, here’s my stories, my dreams, my passion, my beloved.

My twinges and tinges, my ebbs and flows ..

My alter idem.

“Life is a adventure, or nothing. ” Helen Keller

Welcome to my adventure land !

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