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Muses about my 10+2 on taking a cruise to nowhere …

sound of waves

1.0 The light rustle of wave, music to the ears in the almost pitch dark.

caution2.0 DO NOT just sit, jump if you want, but be responsible for your own choice.

frame3.0 I tried to take 4 photos in one shot, in 4 frames – one with my fat thighs.

sweets4.0 Coffee and coconuty sweets, all else failed.

trusty P&S5.0 Haul only your lightest, and most trustable P&S, all else .. are simply burden in my backpack.

fav things6.0 Meeting The Sheep Man, I need to empty my mind from Murakami with coconut.

searching7.0 Searching, and I found dear Gibran, and myself.

whale watching8.0 Blowholes. Like waiting for a miracle. No whale is ever porpoising over this part of the ocean. But still … whale-watching.

LIT on sea9.0 To my utmost happiness to end every night with my LIT moments.

scorecard10.0 And our score for a cruise to no.where

ocean at your doorstep10+1 How often do we get the ocean right at our doorsteps? My quiet moment with my lover.


10+2 Snapped !! out of my alter idem !! And I gotta remember there’s a monkey with me.