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 Meeting Miss Saigon, a photo collection with my muses, while on foot with my Sony Xperia smartphone, my walking companion. Photos edited using Pixlr Express Apps.

Beautiful city, but I came back with mutual feelings .. almost empty. These photos record what I think, how i feel, momentuously …

Saigon is a city, quiet yet buzzling, rich in history yet mysterious ..

I returned with this feeling, for now.

Hope this photo collection is a good record of what I wish to express, but can’t in words.. at least not appropriately, for now….

where is chiru wet day

Good Morning, Saigon.

Good Morning, Saigon.

33 degree Celsius Saigon

33 degree Celsius

stride and style in Saigon

stride and style in Saigon

simply pho

simply pho

street seller Nguyen park in the city saigon myth passion ciao cafe summer rolls lotus rice miss saigon dong khoi street dome citywelcome the opera house temple club simply pho again beer back alley coffee

start young rush hour ho chi minh broken rice

bikesstar cafe good bye airport