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I spend a hearty 1-3 hours in the kitchen everyday, depending on what’s in my head, the fridge and on the daily menu. Honestly, I don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen because I either smell “oily” like the wok, or reak buttery after I bake.

I spend most of the time near the sink washing the dishes or on the chopping board. Yes, it is an everyday household chore which some turn their back to but I have learnt to like it. In the beginning, I can almost say I detest it! But I found joy in it. It is like a daily ritual now. I respect these characters in my kitchen. They are my companions. I adore them because they are beautiful in their own skin. They are the joy in my kitchen!

So I decided to bring my camera into the kitchen.

Welcome to my kitchen!

These are my version of roses. Simple and natural, not red roses but still pretty.

green roses

This rose has shrivelled petals in soft green hue, shyly budding.

green rose

Another strong character in my kitchen which I cannot do without. Live with passion, fall madly in love, eat garlic! And I love them in cloves.


And how did the white cabbage get to this standing rocket? I called it the rocket cabbage.

rocket cabbage

hearty tomato

And I always have tomatoes in my kitchen.

Live healthy, eat healthy! Have a healthy heart, eat tomato!