And where else next to display these elephants but in the largest shopping mall in Singapore – VivoCity, located along the harbourfront. It was quite a challenge to spot all the 26 elephants displayed in this large mall, both indoor and outdoor, especially when shopping is not my cup of tea. Luckily, the mall houses a wading pool on the top floor where most of the elephants were being displayed.

Another elephant named Nana by Bobby Chinn and friend was displayed here; and there’s a delightful theme of Miss Malaysia, Miss India and Miss China by artist Nut Thamrongpittayanan. And a cute little elephant wrapped in a colour cloak with a “mouthful” name, Leghilacquarama! Can you say that? Here lies one of my favourite, Amazon! How about you? Which elephant has stolen your heart? Hope you find one of your favourites!

135 Unicelephant ( Philip Treacy )@VivoCity, TANG

136 Jimmy ( Cristiano Cascelli )@VivoCity

137 Roses Delight ( Pimprapa Dumdej )@VivoCity

138 Nana ( Bobby Chinn & Le Quang Ha )@VivoCity

139 Sir RIchard The III ( Rupert Grint )@VivoCity

140 Miss India ( Nut Thamrongpittayanan )@VivoCity

141 Miss Malaysia ( Nut Thamrongpittayanan )@VivoCity

142 Miss China ( Nut Thamrongpittayanan )@VivoCity

143 Qi ( Frances Alleblas )@VivoCity

144 Hennaphant ( Jonathan Ching )@VivoCity

145 Lotus Sutra ( Nandita Chaudhuri )@VivoCity

146 Abril ( Eva Armisen )@VivoCity

147 Leghilacquarama ( Rabarama-Leghila )@VivoCity

148 Lives To Share, Lives To Spare ( Laura Seeley )@VivoCity

149 Bimbs ( Jaime Pacena II )@VivoCity

150 Elephant Memory ( Sonny Liew )@VivoCity

151 Lily ( Eric Foenander )@VivoCity

152 Broken Pixels ( WORK )@VivoCity

153 Ele Fun-Asia ( Ye RuoShi )@VivoCity

154 The Elephant And The Cat ( Paul Koh )@VivoCity

155 Happiness Maximus ( William Sim )@VivoCity

156-158 Elephants@VivoCity

159 Amazon ( Thiti Suwan )@VivoCity

160 Turtlefan ( Opas Chomchean )@VivoCity

End of The VivoCity Episode.