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The elephants amongst the bustling and hustling, in the business district of Singapore. Will the busy passer-by take notice of them?

These elephants add a colourful touch to a place packed with busy commuters, office workers and skyscrapers.

85 Stop Asians Ahead! ( Ketna Patel )@Raffles Place Green

86 Orangephant ( Nat Posila )@Raffles Place Green

And indeed, some people are too busy to take a look at them! Or these elephants have already adjusted well into that busy and fast-paced environment.

87 Space For The Three Alphabets ( Ay Tjoe Christine )@Raffles Place Green

88 See Without Seeing ( Taweesak Molsawat )@Raffles Place Green

89 Handle With Care ( Alexandra Nechita )@Raffles Place Green

And Little Hairy here looks happy to be here in Raffles Place Green. And what a heavy-weighted elephant, No.93 Nuts Over Elephants is the heaviest elephant in this parade!

91 Little Hairy ( Jalaini Abu Hassan )@Raffles Place Green

93 Nuts Over Elephants ( Max Kong )@Raffles Place Green

92 Nellie ( Henry Holland )@Raffles Place Green

94 Baker & Mckenzie ( Chakrit Choochalerm )@Raffles Place Green

122 Deep Inside ( Sohn Jinah )@Raffles Place Green

This was one lonely little elephant! He was the only one guarding the entrance at the Republic Plaza.

95 Leather Trunk ( Amy Thng & Laura Tang )@Republic Plaza

At another end of the business district One Raffles Quay, another 3 elephants stood. And where else could we find them … right at the doorsteps of ABN AMRO Private Banking. The bank that made this parade possible.

134 Nature's Pride ( Sarkasi Said )@One Raffles Quay

132 Galah Sangkring ( Putu Sutawijaya )@One Raffles Quay

133 Cherry Phant ( Sarkasi Said )@One Raffles Quay

End of Raffles Place Episode.

To be continued ….