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The elephants from Elephant Parade 2011 hidden in the gardens and parks.

Here’s No.26 Vanda Miss Joaquim in the Singapore Botanic Garden. Named after the national flower of Singapore. And I have learnt that this beautiful elephant has been adopted and now nested in a very beautiful colonial house.

26 Vanda Miss Joaquim ( Tanom Kongchan )@Singapore Botanic Garden, Viewing Terrace

27 Blessing ( Nipon Kaewkumdee )@Singapore Botanic Garden, Viewing Terrace

And this was one special elephant, nested inside one of the most popular Thai restaurant in Singapore, the Jim Thompson Restaurant. And what a beautiful home for Kirimek! He blends well into his home.

Jim Thompson Design Studio

28 Kirimek ( Jim Thompson Design Studio )@Jim Thompson Restaurant, Dempsey Hills

Another 2 elephants were placed in a more serene park, the Fort Canning Park. And it is oh so quiet at night. And they have no companion but me.

12 Smile ( Pimchanok Janjaiwong )@Fort Canning Centre, Fort Canning Park

And oh so dark … only the lamps lit the place dimly.

83 My Room ( Ifon Wisandetch )@Fort Canning Park

The last 2 elephants, No. 161 and 162 designed by the students from Tembusu College NUS were placed at, none other than the campus ground. And Blink Of An Eye is such a pink cutie!

161 Blink Of An Eye ( Eugene Ang,Chia Ying, John Ewalt, Danielle Henricus, Lee Kai Xin, Lo Yi Ci, Ng Shufen, Tan Pei En, Margaret Tan, Danver Teo, Jocelyn Yeo )@Tembusu College NUS

162 Precious Ties ( Hanan Alsagoff, Sriharsha Bhat, Angus Gilchrist, Rami Hasbini, Jonathan Ho, Koh Wyhow, Loo Zhiwen, Febrin Low, Sonia Meyer, Petr Slivka, Dexter Tan, Jonathan Tan, Margaret Tan, Noor Azura Zuhairah )@Tembusu College NUS

Precious Ties, what an appropriate name for an elephant serving a meaningful cause. And so with No.162 Precious Ties, I ended my Come Walk With Me .. The Elephant Parade 2011@Singapore Episode. And I am looking forward to the next Elephant Parade!

To view the full album of the 162 elephants paraded in The Elephant Parade 2011@Singapore, please go to http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150363210889071.344900.741154070&type=3&l=03164aaabb