It started in April last year .. in my daily muse with …

Love is … us.

From then on, I started to keep a “Love is .. “ scribbles in my journal.

They seem like simple messages, but behind every scribble lies some of my encounters which has enlightened and opened myself to a better understanding to my kind of love, which until now I know not what. Yes, love is weird and not to be understood to keep it in its sublime state.

Then the scribbles got lost somewhere. So I decided to give them a place here …

shrivelled heart

Love is … a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Love is … forgiving.

Love is … understanding.

Love is … patience.

Love is … quiet.

Love is … the sound of chiru.

Love is … come walk with me.

Love is …. honest.

shelled heart

Love is … even when he comes for you in a truck, you will be happy to hop on that riding adventure with him.

Love is a bus ride.

Love is … holding your hand in our sleep.

Love is … being hungry and not asking why or how.

Love is … his heartbeat.

Love is … life may be tough from now but we are embracing the challenge.

Love is … September.

Love is … penning thoughts about you.

Love is … fearless.

Love is … “ A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” – Paulo Coelho

barefoot in paradise

Love is … being barefoot in paradise.

Love is … brave.

Love is …. lost without him.

…. To be continued ….