The bench where I sat reading...

I have always dreamt to have a house with a porch, leading to a garden, a small one with space enough for my bench and hana ( flowers ). A small and pretty little garden. But where I am in this part of the world, I simply cannot afford that dream house of mine. ( Benches and hana are two of the many things I loved most in this lifetime. )

I can’t put away that dreamy thought. So I went out of the house for a breather. And I took my book with me and decided to finish the last few chapters of The Aleph outside the house. I found a place where I could sit and read, hopefully quietly.

This little place was not quiet and I had lots of company. Construction workers taking a siesta, chatting away in the void deck. Some maid off to the market with their shopping trolley while another just back with a grocery bag. Two teenager girls walking and chatting, while eyes affixed on their mobile phones. A student in uniform with a haversack just back from school.

The Aleph and the bench

For a while, I seemed to have forgotten I came here to read. And I was absorbed with all these people passing me by, then came the chirping sounds of birds, and I could see the birds hopping and pecking away. And I thought that’s enough, that’a all I need in this little “garden” – a little nature where I can look up to when I take my eyes off to rest from my book.

And I finished The Aleph in this little “garden”, on this day.