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I have always adore Coelho. I am reading The Aleph, his latest translated release. And though I cannot relate well to some of the plots, I can’t put it down. Even while I am out on my night jog, it lingers in my mind and all I want to do is come back to savour it straight away.

Reading his new novel always makes me want to revisit all his other books. And I always start with The Pilgrimage, though technically speaking, that’s not his first novel. And I have lost count – how many times I have read The Alchemist.

Something about The Aleph has awakened my mind, though not yet my soul. I can’t put it in words. It’s something to do with time. It’s like opening a new definition, a new meaning to time.

“ The present moment, though, is outside of time.”

“Time neither moves nor is it stationary. Time changes. We occupy one point in that constantly mutating time – our Aleph.”

And I discovered that there are indeed moments that is outside of time. Sometimes I enter into a trance or my thoughts drifted so far that it took me a while to recompose myself. So where was I ?

And it keeps me wondering – where’s my Aleph?